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Jennifer Clarkson


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Beyond my Nightmares
Mein Leben für Deins (2022)

16-year-old Jennifer tragically loses her mother and falls into a hole of depression and guilt. Her father decides to move from New York to Texas after months of unsuccessful therapy, hoping a fresh start will help them both cope with the grief and loss. In their new home, new acquaintances and crises await, as well as painful homesickness for Jennifer's only friend and a struggle against her inner demons.

Cover von Beyond my Nightmares. Ein Junges Mädchen, dem eine Träne aus dem Auge fließt.

Also as ebook!

Profilbild von Jennifer Clarkson

About the author

Jennifer Clarkson was born in Hamm, Germany in 1987 and has lived in the Sauerland region since 2005. The mother of two discovered writing for herself in 2015 as a refuge from a serious life crisis.

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