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Ob in der Bellestrik, in der Werbung oder auf Blogs. Gute Texte sind das


Editing is essential when it comes to good texts. Be it a novel, a term paper for your studies or advertising copy. During a proofreading, style and content are analyzed, attention is paid to typography as well as expression and language. The art behind it is above all to maintain the writing style of the author. Editing is a joint process between author and editor and is carried out in constant communication.


Editing is not to be confused with proofreading, in which the text is "corrected" (see box on the right).


I have made it my mission to help young authors with weaknesses in German spelling and grammar not only with their texts, but also to provide comprehensive coaching in the German language. I offer this especially for people with a reading and spelling disability and for foreign citizens who need to write German texts or want to publish a novel in German.

I take into account the individual needs and level of knowledge of each person and develop a concept tailored to each of my individual clients. German is a difficult language, but it can also be learned in a fun way.


Proofreading is always done after editing, because an editor makes changes to the text, and during this process the author also changes or adds text passages. Therefore, it is advisable to proofread the text in any case before checking the points mentioned below. 

Proofreading includes the following topics:

  • Orthography (spelling)

  • Grammar (inflection, declension, conjugation, comparison and syntax)

  • Punctuation

  • Consistency of spelling

    Typography (paragraphs, quotation marks, font, ect.)

  • pagination, hyphenation

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