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Trockene Rosen und Tagebuch

The Author

Profilbild von Jennifer Clarkson

Jennifer Clarkson was born in Hamm, Germany in 1987 and has lived in the Sauerland region since 2005. The mother of two discovered writing for herself in 2015 as a refuge from a serious life crisis. Over time, her passion for writing unfolded, resulting in her first work Beyond my Nightmares - My Life for Yours, in which she wraps her own experiences with depression into a fictional story. Exactly this passion helped her out of the difficult time and gave her new life force as motivation to look forward positively. With this book, she wants to make other people aware of the topic of mental illness. This book represents the first step in her life as an author and will certainly not be her last work of this kind, as the concept for the sequel is in the starting blocks. Other projects from different genres are in the works in parallel.

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